White Hall head coach Bobby Bolding just completed his first spring as the Bulldogs head football coach. The former Pine Bluff coach has won multiple state title games and hopes to lead White Hall to War Memorial Stadium for the opportunity to play for one in the near future.

He noted where he believes his team is currently following last Friday’s spring game, the work that has to happen moving forward, and more.

 “The biggest thing we have to do this summer is get stronger. We are not very strong,” Bolding said. “If you want to play physical football like we want to do, you have to be strong in order to do that. We are behind on that, but the kids have bought in and are going to work, and they are going to make big jumps in the weight room this summer. We have to go to team camps and 7-on-7’s and learn more.”

Bolding continued: “It is not just learning more, but learning why. I think that is important in today’s game. You don’t just want to learn to run a post, but how do you run the post? Which foot are you planting off of … what landmark are you looking for, and where do you break it to? They are just running posts right now, so we have got a lot of technical stuff we have to teach to them.”

Bolding recently completed his coaching staff with several experienced coaches, as well as a new coach who led the Pine Bluff Zebras to state championship victories as a quarterback under Bolding.

“Antonio Lovelady came with me. He is like my right hand,” Bolding said.

“I’ve still been working at Pine Bluff, so Antonio has been helping run things for me over here. I’m trying do stuff here while still doing the Pine Bluff job, so with Lovelady I have pushed a lot of the football stuff over on him. I trust him with my life. He coaches quarterbacks and is the offensive coordinator. I have Blake Johnson coaching secondary, and he is going to be defensive coordinator, which is new for him. I’ve got Claude Johnson.

“He had been at El Dorado as running backs coach for Scott Reed. He played for me, and he wants to keep taking those progressions in coaching. He wants to move towards being a coordinator. Coach Lovelady isn’t going to be here forever because he is going to get a head job somewhere, and I’ve got to have that next guy to stand in there. Claude could potentially be that guy because he is a former quarterback and understands our offense.

“Tank Miller is back. He was here last year and has done a great job with our offensive line. We’ve got Coach Welch, who came over from Star City. He taught him last year, and we got back coaching again. We’ve got Coach Bridges. We moved him over from offense to defense with him playing linebacker in high school.”

Bolding recently announced that the Bulldogs will play rival Sheridan on state-wide television during week three of the 2019 football season.

“I don’t know if they have ever been on TV before,” Bolding said. “I want them to get accustom to playing games with TV cameras on the sidelines. This is what we do. When we play on Friday, TV cameras and media people are going to be there to see what we are doing. Just get used to it. You don’t have to act a fool; it is just a part of our game.”

Bolding said that his team performed well during Friday’s spring game.

“It went good,” Bolding said. “They are learning how we want to practice, the tempo we want to practice at, and they know we want to be physical every day in practice. It is a learning process. There are a lot of different philosophies, and Coach (former Bulldog head coach Mike) Vaughn was successful with his ways, but mine are a little different. They are having to learn my way of doing things, but they have bought in 100 percent, and are working hard.”

Bolding said he believed it was a physical spring game that will help his team moving forward.

“We don’t have a lot in right now, and we didn’t stunt, blitz or anything,” Bolding said. “We only had a couple of coverages, so it was kind of not much of nothing, but we just wanted to see them play hard so we can see where they are at mentally. We wanted to see if they knew what we have installed, so we can see if they are there yet.”

At many points during the game, the defense had their way with the offense. That was something that Bolding was happy to see.

“Right now, if the defense is not ahead we are in trouble,” Bolding said. “We ran one spot with two coverages, so there is not much to learn over there. In fact, I felt like we scored a little more than we should have on the defense for this time of the year, so we have to do some more work defensively.”