Dear Editor,

One box does not fit everyone when it comes to learning. My child is enrolled in public school and was diagnosed with dyslexia a year ago. Although we had a 504 in place, we faced a huge struggle getting the necessary paperwork in order to access additional services that the school could not provide. The result has been a year’s loss of intervention and learning. Outside testing reinforced the need for an IEP program. She needs a smaller classroom with one-on-one help from a teacher with dyslexia intervention training.

As her current school cannot provide the resources she requires, I will need financial assistance to enroll her in a school that offers intervention and on-going educational resources she needs to excel. She has no issues with discipline, is eager to learn and has my “dig in and go” personality which will help her despite her academic challenges.

It is a hard daily feat for a child who has learning challenges to attempt to see material presented on the board only to go back to their desk to backwards or jumbled words. I know it is hard for her to do her best when she needs more help and more one-on-one attention with the material. She has a great capacity to learn in the proper atmosphere, one that I feel can be provided with the help of the Succeed Scholarship.

Andrea Lamproe

Farmers Insurance Agent