A well-guarded military base can imply that such areas — including the nearby military towns — are safe and secure. According to the Military Family Advisory Network, 78% of surveyed military personnel still live off base and in the surrounding cities.

Vivintsource.com recently looked at Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard installations to identify the 10 safest and least safe military towns in the nation.

White Hall, home to the Pine Bluff Arsenal, came in at number nine. Quantico, Virginia, home to the Quantico Military Reservation Marine Corps, was number one, followed by Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania, home to the NSA Mechanicsburg Navy Base.

Bedford, Massachusetts, home of Hanscom Air Force Base, was number three, Colts Neck Township, New Jersey, home of NWS Earle Navy Base, was number four; Satellite Beach, Florida, home of Patrick Air Force Base, was number five; Rockaway, new Jersey, home of Picatinny Arsenal Army Base, was number six;

Lakehurst, New Jersey, home of NAES Lakehurst Navy Base, was number seven; Oak Harbor, Washington, home of NAS Whidbey Island Navy Base, was number eight; and Sandwich, Massachusetts, home of Air Station Cape Cod Coast Guard Base, was number 10.

Among the ten safest military towns, three reported zero incidents of violent crime per 100,000 residents: Quantico, Virginia; Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania; and Lakehurst, New Jersey. Lakehurst also has an overall national crime rate 52% lower than the national average.

Two Coast Guard Yards in the two most dangerous military towns are located in Baltimore, which saw a murder rate ten times the national average in 2017. Homicides occurred at a rate of nearly one a day over the past three years, while arrests for those crimes dropped. In 2014, 41% of murders resulted in an arrest, but that figure fell to 27% by 2017.

In New Jersey, home of two Navy bases and one Army base in the top ten safest military towns, violent crime fell 10% percent in 2017. The 22% decline in homicides that year was the largest percentage drop in such crimes in forty-one years.

The Anniston Army Depot Base in Anniston, Alabama, isn’t just in the ten most dangerous military towns—it also has one of the highest crime rates in the country. One in twenty-nine residents of this small city is likely to be the victim of a violent crime.

“Using militarybases.com, we identified more than 300 active US military bases from all five branches of the armed services,” a news release from Vivintsource.com said.

“We then examined the FBI’s 2017 Uniform Crime Reporting data for these areas, focusing on violent and property crime rates per capita for the city each base was located in (or the nearest city with available data). Cities without available crime data and their respective bases were excluded from the list. Due to the long-term negative impacts of violent crime, it was weighted five times heavier than property crime, which is typically prosecuted more lightly.”

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