The newly formed Comprehensive Master Plan committee held its first meeting on April 12. Not counting POA-related personnel, only five people were in the audience. Committee members are Pamela Avila, Clint Blackman III, Nikki Choyce, Murray Claassen, Tom Heau, Keith Keck, Jody Latham, Patricia McCarthy and Rolland White. The committee operates under the guidance of POA board liaison Buddy Dixon and Stephanie Heffer, director of placemaking and development, who serves as staff liaison.
The meeting began with Dixon reviewing how the committee was formed, then each member spoke briefly about their background.
CEO Lesley Nalley was also on hand. She provided the committee with a handout on mission and values, the POA’s enterprise goals and stressed the CMP is about long and short term decision-making. “As this committee moves forward, look through the lens of our values,” she added. Nalley also spoke about the necessity of having a plan for the community and now that we have one it is time to “smooth out the edges,” she said, as she reminded all that the CMP is a guidepost.
Nalley noted pages in the plan that address strategic recommendations, establish a basis for design-making and planning (which needs to be flexible because things change over time), and the need to find a balance. She continued by saying that Village problems are complex and need a comprehensive approach.
Dixon then reviewed the committee charter and duties for the members, stated the group will meet monthly and all meetings will be open to the public.
Seeing as this was an organizational meeting, some housekeeping matters needed to take place, like the length of each member’s term. Avila received a two year term, Blackman one year, Choyce three years, Claassen two years, Heau one year, Keck three years, Latham two years, McCarthy three years and White one year. Officers voted in were Keck as chair, Choyce as vice chair and Heau as secretary.
An issue was raised by Blackman on how to answer when the public asks them questions about the committee and their work. Nalley suggested replying that they attend the meetings, so those with questions get first-hand answers.
Heffer then gave the members an assignment – to review section two, three, five and six of the CMP documents. “Your objective for the next meeting is education,” Heffer explained. Continuing, she brought up the idea of possibly having a marketing subcommittee and asked members to give that some thought.
The CMP advisory committee’s next meeting will take place at 1 p.m. May 10, at a location to be determined.