Dot Hart presented the program, Spring Flowers, to the Heart-N-Hands Extension Homemakers Club. The meeting and potluck luncheon were held recently at the Centennial Fellowship Church at White Hall.

Hart said that before planting, one should get a soil sample tested for correct plant food and lime needs.

“Bulbs are a very popular part of spring gardens. To enjoy bulbs in the spring, they must be planted in the fall. Mid-September until late October is the best time for bulb planting in north and central Arkansas. In south Arkansas, bulbs can be planted during the latter half of October until mid-December,” according to a news release.

Residents should buy bulbs that are free of blemishes and not shrieveled. Bulbs are sold by grades based on size. The larger bulbs are usually the best, according to the release.

“The adaptability of spring bulbs make them desirable in the flower garden. Make sure the planting depth is correct. One thing bulbs will not tolerate is poor drainage. Bulbs should be given full sun if possible,” according to the release.

Hart said that the most permanent bulb plant is the daffodil and the jonquil is a kind of daffodil with three or more small fragrant yellow flowers on each blooming stem. Daffodils are the large trumpet-shaped blooms with only one bloom per stem.

Nancy Rosen, special community service project chairwoman, thanked Sue Womack for donating a shawl made from a fleece throw. This will be used as a Christmas present for a needy resident. Also, money was collected to purchase Christmas gifts for another designated resident, according to the release.

Brenda Robinson, club president, thanked members for participating in club and county activities.

“The club had fun making snowman pot lids at Connie Herrin’s workplace,” according to the release.

The JCEHC Smorgasbord Workshop was held at the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service Conference Room. Heart-N-Hands attendees were: Carolyn Harness, Patsy Brown, Kaye Richardson, Debbie James, Dixie Fritz, Rosen, Linda Murray, Shirley Shelley, Jody Stout, Lynda Toler, Connie Herrin, Robinson, Hart, Barbra Freeman, Brenda Dixon, Donna McGowan, and Sandy Smith.

Debbie James conducted a Fair Superintendents’ Meeting to go over any needed changes to the registration form and how to properly complete the books.

Also, Herrin, Gerry Crutchfield, Robinson, Stout, Hart, Toler, Rosen, Harness, Murray, Smith, Richardson, James, and Annette Nelson attended the Delta District Rally in Stuttgart. The Heart-N-Hands ate at the Village Catfish Restaurant in Star City as a club fellowship event.

Heart-N-Hands members also visited the Ozark Folk Center Craft Retreat in Mountain View. They were: Stout, Brown, Rosen, Richardson, Kelley, Toler, James, Robinson, Herrin and Gerlach.

Sue Womack brought a quilted blanket and pillows for Show and Tell. The club voted to donate $200 to Centennial Fellowship Church and use the money for their Angel Tree. Also, Donna Dykes was welcomed as a new member.

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