Willing Workers of White Hall’s Extension Homemakers Club met Oct. 24 at the White Hall Library. President Karen Needler welcomed everyone and introduced her son Greg Needler, a former volunteer fireman, who presented the fire safety program.

Greg Needler recommended everyone have smoke detectors. They should be checked monthly to make sure they are working and the batteries should be replaced twice a year. A good time to change them is when time changes in the spring and fall, according to a news release.

He said detectors in the kitchen should be placed about 12 inches down from the ceiling and in the bedroom on the top at the ceiling. He also said a fire extinguisher is needed in the kitchen. These are usually good for 10-12 years, and should have a date on the bottom.

Other suggestions he made was to keep firewood stored away from the house and don’t overload your extension cords doing the holidays.

Karen Needler passed out handouts on this subject. For details or a copy of the handout, contact Mary Ann Kizer at the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service at 534-1033.

Karen Needler congratulated Sarah Payton on receiving a second place award on the club scrapbook at the fall council and Peggie Barbaree on receiving a third place award on the club secretary book. She also announced that the club had received a second place award on the Honor Club Form. She also recognized Marnette Reed, Cheri Aronowitz, Jo Ann Carr and Payton for receiving a Certificate of Achievement at the fall council.

Elizabeth Wall read the Handy Hint “If a fire occurs in your home: GET OUT, STAY OUT, AND CALL FOR HELP.” Secretary Peggie Barbaree called the roll with members answering the question: Does your family have a fire escape plan? Members present were: Aronowitz, Catherine Atkinson, Needler, Payton, Traweek, Stephenson, Reed, Dee Kindrick, Carr, Barbaree, KathyWilson, Jim Wilson and Wall. Guests present were Vicki Bryant, Barbara Bowerman, Mary Bowerman, and Kizer.

Kizer reminded everyone of the Mediterranean cooking classes every month at the Extension office.

Atkinson, chairwoman of the nursing home door decoration committee, reported that the fall wreaths will be taken down the week after Thanksgiving and Christmas stockings will be hung. Members need to work on the stockings before they are hung.

Aronowitz, Leadership Leader, reminded members of upcoming events including a county craft workshop Thursday, Nov. 29.

Barbaree, community service chairwoman, reported the next class at Trinity Village will be coloring stuffed animals. Festival of Stars at Arkansas Children’s Hospital will be Friday, Dec. 14. Members need to get their caps and dolls ready to be delivered on this date.

Kindrick, educational history leader, gave a brief history of Veterans Day. She said it was formally known as Armistice Day, a U.S. holiday to honor the end of World War I, which took place on Nov. 11, 1918. It became a national holiday in 1938. Then with the approval of legislation on June 1, 1954, it became a day of honor for American Veterans of all wars. While many realize that Veterans Day falls on Nov. 11, few realize the historical significance behind the day because it ended hostilities on the 11 hour - on the 11 day of the 11th month, according to the presentation.

Members decided to Margland for Christmas on Saturday, Nov. 17, and include the celebrating of the birthdays of members and guests with birthdays in the months of September through December.

Cereal was collected for the White Hall Food Pantry. Guest Mary Bowerman volunteered to donate an afghan to be used as a fundraiser for the Christmas project, the White Hall Food Pantry.

Refreshments of soup, sandwiches, and dessert were finished by Aronowitz, Kendrick and Payton.

For details about Extension Homemakers, call any member or Mary Ann Kizer at the Extension service, 870-534-1033.