Willing Workers of White Hall’s Extension Homemakers Club met Sept. 25 in the meeting room of the White Hall Library. President Karen Needler welcomed everyone and asked Malinda Traweek to read the Thought of the Month: “Sometimes we are so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings.”

Vice President Sarah Payton led members in the Homemaker’s Creed. Needler read the Handy Hint: “Breath in through your nose - hold for 10 seconds - exhale through your mouth.”

Kathy Wilson read the Inspiration from Hebrews 4:16. Secretary Peggie Barbaree called the roll with members answering the question: What do you do to relieve stress? Members present were: Cheri Aronowitz, Catherine Atkinson, Needler, Payton, Traweek, Donna Stephenson, Marnette Reed, Dee Kindrick, Jo Ann Carr, Barbaree, Wilson and Elizabeth Wall.

Payton presented the program on “Grace Under Pressure: Dealing with Difficult People.” She told the different types of difficult people: Floor hogs, constant commenters, yellers, nitpickers, controllers and Negative Nancies.

She gave several ways on how to deal with them: breathe, take a moment to respond, avoid power struggles, confront damaging behaviors one-on-one, meet negativity with positivity, set limits and boundaries, engage in self-care and look for specific solutions to the situation.

Ways to engage in self care: Deep breathing, mindfulness, exercise, journaling, avoid inflammatory situations when possible, be proactive instead of reactive, and ask for help if needed.

Catherine Atkinson, chairwoman of the Nursing Home Door Decoration Committee, reported that a workshop was held and 15 more fall wreaths were made. Members participating in the workshop were: Payton, Stephenson, Traweek, Reed, Carr and Atkinson.

Wreaths were delivered and put on the doors by Atkinson and Kindrick.

Aronowitz, Leadership Leader, reminded members of upcoming dates for events at the fair. She reminded members that the club was in charge of registration and name tags for upcoming Fall Council and Carr showed members name tags that she, Payton and Reed had completed before the meeting started.

Barbaree, Community Service Chairwoman, reported that Willing Workers have 100 dolls completed for Arkansas Children’s Hospital, 77 turbans patients at the Cancer Institute, Christmas caps for Jefferson Regional Medical Center and some caps for Arkansas Children’s Hospital. She also encouraged members to continue working on the turbans and caps.

Craft classes at Trinity Village were discussed and members expressed the desire to continue this project. The next class will be making flowers.

Members selected caps for Arkansas Children’s Hospital as the club Project Book Project for the year. Reed announced the Christmas Meeting/Party would be on Dec. 18 at her house.

Kindrick, Educational History Leader, reminded members of the Founder’s Day Parade and events Oct. 20. Her history report was on “All Mayors of White Hall.” There have been seven mayors since 1964. Jack Moody was the first mayor in 1964, followed by Bill House, Van Bateman, Tom Ashcraft, Raymond “Pete” Ross, James “Jitters” Morgan and current Mayor Noel Foster, who has been mayor since 2011.

Cereal was collected for the White Hall Food Pantry.

Refreshments of lasagna, green salad, fruit salad and chocolate cobbler were furnished by Atkinson, Barbaree and Wilson.

A story entitled, “Burned Biscuits,” was read by Payton at the close of the meeting.

For more information on the program, “Grace Under Pressure: Dealing with Difficult People, a copy of the handout or details about Extension Homemakers, contact Mary Ann Kizer, Jefferson County Family and Consumer Science agent, at the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service, 534-1033.