Joshua Euseppi earned the 2018 Jefferson County Farm Family of the Year for his hard work and dedication as a farmer.

“I’m excited,” Euseppi said. “I never thought I would be chosen due to how young I am.”

Euseppi, 34, was notified of his honor and recognition by Mandy Owens, event coordinator of the Economic Development Alliance for Jefferson County and the Pine Bluff Regional Chamber of Commerce.

With farms in Sherrill, England and Altheimer, Euseppi grows corn, cotton, soybeans and rice.

As a farmer, he is faced with unpredictable weather, fluctuating crop prices, insect pressure, and costly equipment.

He says that he spends long hours; early mornings spraying and managing crops.

“This has been one of the driest years I’ve had,” Euseppi said. “It has been tough trying to irrigate everything.”

Euseppi’s dad and uncle (James and Joe Euseppi), who now have a total of 5500 acres, have been farming for over 40 years, which led to his love of farming.

“I wasn’t 100 percent sure I wanted to farm before college, but I began to love it while working summers with my dad and uncle,” he said.

While attending college at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Euseppi worked on the farm during summer breaks with his dad and uncle. He majored in finance, which has helped him with the business side of farming. After college, he worked full-time, farming with his dad and uncle for two years.

In 2010, Euseppi’s father and uncle helped him lease his first piece of land, 700 acres, and helped him grow soybeans.

What originally began as 700 acres for Euseppi, has now grown to 2,000 acres.

“Without my dad and uncle’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to farm,” Euseppi said. “They still give me advice and help me today.”

Euseppi said that he is proud of following in his dad and uncle’s footsteps and proud to continue the tradition of farming.

“Hopefully one day my son will become a farmer,” he said.

Euseppi has a 15-month old son, Joshua Euseppi, Jr., who is fascinated with the tractor his father drives. While visiting, Joshua Jr. could not stop pointing at and asking for the tractor.

“He has many books with pictures of tractors in them and he loves them,” said Lauren Euseppi, Joshua Sr.’s wife.

Euseppi received congratulatory wishes from his wife Lauren, who received a mass communications degree from Ouachita Baptist University and is currently an advertising agent with CJRW in Little Rock.

“I’m very proud of him because he works so hard and he deserves some recognition,” she said.

Lauren said that if she wasn’t working full-time in Little Rock, she’d love to help her husband work on the farm.