Willing Workers of White Hall’s Extension Homemakers Club met March 27 in the meeting room of White Hall Library for their regular March meeting.  President Karen Needler welcomed everyone.  Elizabeth Wall set up her equipment and presented a video presentation on “Learning about Hummingbirds.”  

She featured the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, which can’t smell and love the color red.  They are a good weather predictor and can fly up to 63 miles an hour but usually about 30 miles per hour.  They are pollinators like bees.  There are 340 species but only15 come to the United States and will be here in early April. 

Wall showed the complete process for banding the birds.  Feeders are a great way to attract hummingbirds for people who don’t have the space or green thumb needed to plant nectar-bearing flowers, she said,  Hummingbirds can see the feeders for 3/4 of a mile. To make the sugar water, dissolve one part table sugar in four parts hot tap water. There is need to boil the mixture.  More sugar will attract bees and won’t be used by the birds.  It is recommended not to add red dye.  

Needler read the Thought of the month:  “The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is the most common AR Hummingbird.  When in flight their heart rate may reach 1,220 beats per minute.” 

Vice President Sarah Payton led members in the Homemaker’s Creed.  Needler read the Handy Hint: “In addition to food sources, convenient perching opportunities will make your yard more desirable to hummingbirds, since they spend 80 percent of their time sitting.”

Marnette Reed read the Inspiration from Matthew 13:32.  In the absence of Secretary Peggie Barbaree, Jo Ann Carr called the roll with members answering the question: “How many hummingbird feeders do you have in your yard?” 

Members present were:  Cheri Aronowitz, Needler, Payton, Reed, Dee Kindrick, Catherine Atkinson, Carr, and Wall.  Kathy and John Wilson were guests along with Mary Ann Kizer Jefferson County Family and Consumers Science Agent. 

Payton, Recreation Leader, reported on a recent County Fellowship Trip to the Daffodil Festival at Camden.  She said it was really nice and hoped our club could go sometime.  

Atkinson, Nursing Home Chairman, reported she will be taking the Easter decorations down and putting up flags on the doors of the patients at the White Hall Nursing and Rebab. Center soon.  She also reported she needs about 15 more grapevine wreaths to have one for each room.  

Needler reminded member to bring cookies to the next meeting to be boxed and given to White Hall City Departments, the newspaper and extension office.  

Aronowitz, Leadership Development Leader, reminded members of upcoming Spring Council on May 1st; County Fellowship Day trip to Memphis on April 13th; and Leader Training and Board Meeting on April 10.

Kizer passed out registration forms and information on the AEHC State Meeting to be held in Hot Springs on June 5, 6 and 7 and encouraged members to attend. She also announced Mediterranean Cooking will be held on April 17 at the extension office.

Refreshments of meat loaf, Jello salad, 7-layer salad, potato salad, pimento salad with crackers, olive nut sandwiches, banana pudding, and pineapple pound cake were furnished by Atkinson, Peggie Barbaree and Carr..

If you are interested in learning more about Extension Homemakers, you can call any member or Mary Ann Kizer at 870 -534-1033.