Not only did Hot Springs Village welcome Tri the Village competitors, but the golf department had an equally busy weekend, hosting three golf tournaments on June 10.
• Tournament One – SOZO
This was the fourth SOZO tournament played on Magellan course, boasting 100 players. Bob O’Dowd greeted participants and assisted more than 30 volunteers to make the event memorable for this charity organization. “Every year it just gets better and we’re so grateful to nearly 45 sponsors for helping to make this event so very special,” said O’Dowd.
SOZO recovery centers provide faith-based and 12-step substance abuse services in a home-like setting. It is safe, comfortable, and conducive to spiritual growth. The SOZO difference is “one resident at a time, one family at a time, one day at a time.” The local center is an all-male campus at this time, but plans are being considered for a women’s campus in the future.
For more information, visit the website at or call 501-984-5317.
• Tournament Two – Sharon Baptist Church
“This is just our second time scheduling our tournament in Hot Springs Village and, although our attendance is not a significant number, we’ve added more players this year,” said Sean Collins, tournament coordinator for Sharon Baptist Church, Benton.
Collins serves as minister of outreach at Sharon. The church is affiliated at the state and national levels.
For more information, visit the website at or call 501-778-4103.
• Tournament Three- Golfweek Amateur Tour
Nearly 60 players lined up for tee times at Ponce de Leon Golf Course, many shooting from the tips. This is the second scheduled tournament in HSV, with championship rounds scheduled in August at Isabella and Granada.
“We play in many locations throughout the state and it’s great to participate with golfers at your same skill level and compete on HSV’s great tracks,” said Steven Cockrum of Conway.
Established in 1995, the purpose of Golfweek Amateur Tour is to provide amateurs of all ages, sexes and handicaps the opportunity to compete in stroke-play golf tournaments on a regular basis in their local area.
The tour concludes with a National Tour Championship. This is a nationwide tour with 42 tours across the country and over 5,000 members registered.
For more information on how you may join the Golfweek Amateur Tour,contact Homishak at 501-762-1112 or