Terminology for Work and Materials Used
Arkansas One Call: The State of Arkansas requires a One Call Report before digging begins on our roads and ditches. When a One Call is done the different utility companies locate their lines at the work site and marked so the Jefferson County employee will know not to dig in the area marked.
Setting Up Road: The road is ground up and the asphalt is mixed with an oil and rolled back out to set it up for a resurfacing job for some time in the future.
Pea Gravel: Small rocks used in patching mix to fill in potholes.
SB2: Class 7 crushed stone used on roads. When bladed 4” to 5” in depth and watered it makes a good road and stabilizes the base.
BAB: A mixture of fly ash and bottom ash from White Bluff that is mixed with red clay gravel to stabilize road beds.
Cold Mix: Asphalt used for patching potholes. It is made so it will not absorb a lot of moisture because it would not last long if water stands on it.
Hot Mix: Asphalt used to overlay roads.
CRS2: The oil used to chip and seal a road. The CRS2 (oil) is sprayed on the road and then chips are spread over the oil and it is rolled with a steel wheel roller.
Calcium: (Css-1) A substance sprayed on bridges and roads to melt snow and ice. It is also used on gravel roads to control dust.
MC30: Sprayed on roads to settle dust.
Rip Rap: Large rock used for washouts on ditch banks and around the ends of culverts. Rip Rap is sometimes used as a sub base for new roads if there is a lot of water underground.
C-Ballast & D-Ballast: Large rock used on county roads.
Sealing Chips: Gray crushed granite rock that is used with CRS2 to chip and seal a road.
Herbicide Spraying: Used around bridges and signs to kill weeds and bushes.
Mosquito Spraying: Jefferson County has a truck that is used to spray for mosquitos. If the mosquitos are really bad in your area call the Jefferson County Road Department 870-534-7020 and request that they spray for mosquitos. This service is offered to the public when the Health Department cannot do it.
Pavement Markers: Reflectors that mark the center and the sides of the road.
Bituminous Shale (Coal): Asphalt used in road construction, where it is used as the glue or binder mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete. Also used as an adhesive to glue down pavement markers.
Roads that were repaired and work done by the Jefferson County Road Department:
Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Horseshoe Lake Road.
Truck Driver: Hauled 110 yards of red dirt from Cannon Contracting, Inc. thirty-six yards of red dirt was taken to the county jail to spread on the new parking lot and 48.35 tons of SB2 Class 7 Base Course was hauled from Granite Mountain Quarries to Jefferson County Road Department.
Grader Operator: Graded Cantrell Road and Gibb Anderson Road.
Boom Mower Operator: Cut right-of-way on Blythe Road, Kesterson Road and Hawkeye Road.
Sign Shop Operator: Put a road sign up on Tom Harvill Road and checked bridge on Willie Jackson Road. Worked in sign shop rest of day making signs.
Pickups: Picked up cardboard at McDonald location in Watson Chapel, White Hall and on Harding Avenue; Sonic locations in Watson Chapel and White Hall; S.A.B.S. and Chicken County.
Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Jefferson Parkway, Trulock Bay Road and Rob Roy Road.
Culvert Crew: Spread seventeen yards of fill dirt on the County Jail parking lot.
Truck Driver: Hauled 37.74 tons of SB2 Class 7 Base Course from Granite Mountain Quarries to Cantrell Road to spread on the road.
Grader Operator: Graded Blackwell Road and spread four loads of SB2 on Cantrell Road.
Boom Mower Operator: Mowed ditches on McEntire Road and Deer Run Road.
Sign Shop Operator: Made a one call report for work to be done on O.C. Drive. Put a stop sign and road sign up on Marshall Road and Acklin Bridge Road. Put a road sign up on Flukerson Road.
Pickups: Picked up cardboard at Citi Trends, Tuesday Morning, Owens Food & Supply, Dart’s Packaging, DJ’s Body Shop in Pine Bluff and Chicken City and McDonalds in White Hall.
Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Providence Road.
Culvert Crew: Installed a 12”X14’ metal pipe on Hardin Road North and covered it with twelve yards of SB2 and installed a 12”X16’ metal pipe on Shannon Valley Road and covered it with nine yards of SB2.
Grader Operator: Graded Morrow Road, State Farm Road and Wabbaseka Road.
Ditching Crew: Cleaned out ditches on Morrow Road and Hardin Road North.
Boom Mower Operator: Cut right-of-way on Rado Drive and Providence Road. Cut grass in ditches on Pinebergen Road and Hardin Road North.
Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Willie Jackson Bridge, Princeton Pike Loop and Atkins Lake Road.
Truck Driver: Hauled 1.260 tons of CRS2 from Ergon Asphalt and Emulsion to Jefferson County Road Department.
Grader Operator: Graded Townsend Road, Cottonwood Church Road, Ellison Road and Garrett Road.
Boom Mower Operator: Cut right-of-way on Samuel Road.
Pickups: Picked up cardboard at Grace Episcopal Church, Mid-South Appliance, DJ’s Body Shop, Dart Packaging in Pine Bluff; Hartz Honey Hole, Hartz Hive Café and Chicken City in White Hall.
Many hours are spent in moving heavy equipment from one location to another in order to do a job at a new location. Sometimes it is necessary to take a piece of equipment to the dealership to have it repaired or go to various parts stores to pick up parts for repair jobs. This is very time consuming but very necessary.
Cardboard is a big source of revenue for the recycling center. Businesses call to set up a pickup for cardboard at their location and it is picked up and taken to the recycling center on Gravel Pit Road where it is bailed for the source that has been contracted to recycle the cardboard.
All logging companies and construction companies that haul heavy loads over the Jefferson County roads are required to be bonded in order to use the county roads in Jefferson County. They are required to have a copy of the bond on file with Jefferson County Road Department. If you have questions please call 870-534-7020.