Two students at White Hall High School were arrested Wednesday morning after school officials received information that they had a gun on school property.
White Hall Police Lt. Mickey Buffkin said in a news release that officers received the call at about 11 a.m. about two juveniles who were in the administration office speaking with school officials. Because of their ages, the students were not identified.
White Hall School District Superintendent Doug Dorris said in a statement to parents and staff that was provided to The Commercial that “the situation was handled by campus administrative staff members immediately once notified and property authorities were contacted.”
“I am extremely proud that our staff members followed our proper training protocol thus minimizing any threat to our staff and students,” Dorris said. “As unfortunate as this incident was, our first and utmost priority was the safety of our students and staff.”
According to Buffkin, during the investigation, it was determined that one student had brought the firearm from his residence in a backpack and gave it to the other student while on campus in an attempt to sell it. He also said that investigators determined that at no time was there any threat made to students, faculty or staff.
“The White Hall Police Department acknowledges that a firearm on campus is a serious threat to all who are present and takes any incident of this nature seriously,” Buffkin said. “The White Hall School District took immediate and appropriate action to prevent any possible harm to the students, faculty and staff.”
“Both the White Hall School District and the White Hall Police Department will continue to work diligently together to prevent any further incidents of this nature,” Buffkin said. “Safety for our students, faculty and staff will always be a high priority for both the White Hall School District and the White Hall Police Department.”