Lt. Gen. Piggee is a native of Stamps, Arkansas, and a graduate of UAPB. He currently serves as Chief of Staff in the U.S. Army overseeing logistics. During his visit, Piggee spoke at an assembly at UAPB and took questions from students.


U.S. Senator John Boozman hosted Lt. Gen. Aundre F. Piggee for a visit to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) and the Pine Bluff Arsenal on Friday.

Lt. Gen. Piggee is a native of Stamps, Arkansas, and a graduate of UAPB. He currently serves as Chief of Staff in the U.S. Army overseeing logistics. During his visit, Piggee spoke at an assembly at UAPB and took questions from students.


“I am grateful to have General Piggee home in Arkansas,” Boozman said. “His experience and leadership are extremely valuable in our nation’s defense. He is an inspiration to young people across the state and I know his experiences at UAPB were critical to his success as a military leader.”


"This school was family to me. In big schools, nobody knows you missed the class. But here when I missed a class they knew,” Piggee said. “Teachers like Dr./Father Hines, Dr. McArthur, and Ms. Jolivet would take me over to the side and ask where I was. They would give me my homework, and then additional homework to make up. It is still like that today, where instructors are your mentors. I have always tried to mentor my soldiers the way my teachers at UAPB mentored me."


Boozman and Piggee also attended a briefing and tour at the Pine Bluff Arsenal with military and community leaders.


“The Pine Bluff Arsenal is a valuable asset to our nation and an important part of the local community,” Boozman said. “I appreciate General Piggee’s time to make this visit a priority. He was able to see the great work being accomplished here and the incredible support local residents and businesses have for the facility.”


"We're honored to have LTG Piggee visit the Arsenal. He is a loyal Arkansan and we're proud of his achievement as the Army's chief logistician,” said White Hall Mayor Noel Foster. "Senator Boozman and our local community have been wholly supportive of the Arsenal and its critical role in ensuring the readiness of our soldiers, sailors and airmen.”


Boozman held a media briefing following the briefing with the military and community leaders, including Mayor Noel Foster and Alderman David Beck of White Hall.

“I’ve had the opportunity to tour many facilities, not only across Arkansas, but also the country, as a member of the military construction appropriations committee. Again, just being very active in military affairs. The work that goes on here is so important, not only for the area. It is a great economic driver and all of those things that are very important to this community. It is also important for the nation. So many of the things made here are unique to this facility.”

“When you look at places, you look at workforce capability. The workforce here is excellent. We have a situation where there is almost no turnover. The workers are happy working here and has been here long enough to where it is a generational work facility. For those reasons, I think we are poised to go forward in the future to attract more lines. This will not only benefit the area, Arkansas and the nation.” said Boozman.

“We need to work hard on infrastructure so we can utilize this facility as we go forward.This facility does a great job making products that keep our soldiers safe.” he said.

Mayor Foster thanked Boozman and Piggee for being on the arsenal today. Sen. Boozman certainly supports this facility. He has shown his support by being focused on the nation's’ military. He wants to be sure that our soldiers have the equipment they need when they need it. Foster went on to say that he is the arsenal’s biggest fan.

Beck also spoke regarding support of the arsenal and how the work that is down here supports the military.

“We live in a dangerous world today but the work that goes on here helps keep everyone safe.”

Boozman then took a question from the White Hall Journal, which was the only news media present. When asked how the arsenal could be affected by what has recently occurred in Syria.

Boozman said he is not only concerned about Syria, but also North Korea. “The president sent a strong message that he really does mean business about what he will tolerate.” Boozman referred to the lessons of Vietnam by not having Congress micro-manage a war and letting those generals who are in the field make decisions.


The group then went on a tour of the arsenal.

Cheryl Avery, Pine Bluff Arsenal Chief of Public Affairs had this to say about the visit,

"Pine Bluff Arsenal supports the Readiness needs of the Army and the Joint Forces with ready, reliable, non-lethal munitions at the right place and time to sustain global operations.  Soldiers use our products every day, whether it is a colored smoke grenades,  illumination mortars or chemical and biological defense equipment to include individual protective clothing and chemical and biological protective shelters. PBA's products are a high-value commodity to the nation's military fighting force."