"His body has been sick so long it thinks it is normal,” Samantha Morris, Camerin's mother said.

White Hall Motor Sports was the site of a fundraiser for Camerin Morris, a 15 year old young man with Mitochondrial disorder. The genetic disorder causes muscles to atrophy, can cause cardiomyopathy and other issues . Camerin is missing the enzyme that recognizes sugar, therefore his body thinks it is a bacteria.

"His body has been sick so long it thinks it is normal,” Samantha Morris, Camerin’s mother said.

Samantha told the White Hall Journal that Camerin has had issues since he was two weeks old. At eight months he had surgery that was nine and one half hours long and has several surgeries since. Currently, Camerin has six doctors at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, three doctors in Pine Bluff, eight at Labonner in Memphis and one in Atlanta, Georgia.

Camerin has been recommended to Vanderbilt Research to be accepted into a trial program.

Because much of his treatment is not covered by insurance, Beau and Martha Ellen Talbot of White Hall Motor Sports, along with Vicki Kelly wanted to help the family out.

Kelly said, “This could not have happened without the generosity of the Talbots.” The Talbots provided and prepared a Bbq chicken dinner with all the fixin’s on Thursday. They raised $3,010 that was given to the family to help offset medical expenses. Kelly and the Talbots attend church together at White Hall Family Church.

Samantha said, “My husband, Robert and I are so grateful to everyone who has helped with not only this fundraiser but in so many other ways during the length of Camerin’s illness.”

Nancy and Larry Brakebill,, Marie Atwood, Diane Minch and  Betty Kline helped assemble plates during the fundraiser.

Camerin has recently found out that the Make a Wish foundation will be granting his wish to go to the Bahamas.