White Hall’s Mark Stanfield was chosen as Fireman of the Year by the Hardin Volunteer Fire Department.

Why he’s in the news

White Hall’s Mark Stanfield was chosen as Fireman of the Year by the Hardin Volunteer Fire Department. Stanfield received the unexpected news during the Department’s Christmas gathering at the Lighthouse restaurant, here on Monday. Though attributed for his hard work and commitment, the modest Stanfield’s first response to the news was, “I wasn’t expecting that!”
About his background

Stanfield is a resident of White Hall, and has worked for the White Hall School District for more than 15 years as a mechanic. In addition, he drives buses when needed.

He decided to join the Hardin Volunteer Fire Department shortly after buying a home in the Gravel Pit area. He had happened upon an emergency responder event showcasing several fire trucks from departments across the region. Without any hesitation, he inquired on how to join. That is when he learned that his home was in the Hardin Volunteer Fire Dept. District and from that day forward, he has proved to be a committed firefighter with a great passion for helping others, however when asked what his most memorable moments as a fireman, he can only reply that he never forgets a fatality.

Hobbies and other interests

For him, his interests and hobbies all stem from one basic aspect, which is helping others. And with that, he seems to have successfully found the perfect combination while balancing his commitments to help others while also being a topnotch employee for the school district. Basically, if it helps someone, he is interested.
Stanfield also serves as bowling league secretary for the Happy Hour league at Thunder Lanes Bowling Center in Pine Bluff.
Now, if that isn’t enough, he also works as a flag man for Arkansas Speedway in Warren.

He enjoys going on atv rides with several of his peers and during summer break, he also enjoys spending some time off with his  girlfriend of 8 years,  Tracy Walker, as well as his family and friends taking camping trips on Lake Ouachita. And when all said and done, if there are a few minutes left in the day, he likes to spend them with his rescued dog Lucy. And yes of course, his compassion for helping others also extends to the four legged kind.

In his own words

When asked his take on becoming a firefighter,  Stanfield stated, “There is alot more to it than I thought there would be, but I am enjoying it.”