The White Hall High School Sports Hall of Fame Association is seeking nominations in the following categories: • Former Players and Coaches: Former players or coaches who have achieved outstanding sports accomplishments or made outstanding contributions through personal service to the White Hall High School athletics program. • Special Service: Sports Writers, Sports Casters, School Officials, or others, who have made outstanding contributions to the White Hall High School Athletic Program. • Distinguished Service: This category includes the criteria contained in either of the other categories with the addition that the honoree’s service or contribution was of a long lasting nature of ten years or longer. Nominees for the WHHS Hall of Fame must be a person of good character and citizenship. To obtain a form or more information contact Doug Dorris at 870-718-2950, Joe Ball at 870-879-4481, Glenda Lybrand at 870-247-5756 or Dottie Strahan 870-540-6498. Nominations must be received by the Hall of Fame Committee by March 1, 2013. Mail nomination forms, additional information and supporting documentation to: Doug Dorris, WHHS Sports Hall of Fame Committee, 1601 Oakwood Circle, White all, AR 71602.